Speaking Tech

This is a blog about software industry trends and also things tech isn’t so good about: how to build strong organizations, communicate effectively, creating products that people actually want, and forming communities that work. It’s going to be a little bit of everything.

About Michael

Michael DeHaan is the creator of Ansible, Cobbler, and various other things.

Ansible, in particular grew to be one of the largest successes in the “IT/Devops” space. How? It wasn’t technical superiority. It did this by being able to explain itself, having a great product strategy, and getting people to work together to make it better and advocate for it.

We want to share those lessons with you.

Want To Work With Us?

Like the blog? I want to help make your company even more successful. These days I mostly focus on product marketing and product management/strategy topics. Visit my consultancy homepage at michaeldehaan.net, send me a note, and let’s talk!

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